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Welcome to the Website of Andy Lambert

Andrew or Andy Lambert

This is the home page of Andrew Lambert (universally know as Andy). I was born a Cockney, grew up in Wandsworth and now live near the coast in Hampshire. I am a proud member of that historical family, the Lamberts (my 22nd Grandfather was Edward the 1st, King of England). I went to the Elliott School in Putney and grew up with an interest in all things Mechanical and Electronic. On leaving school in the sixties, I entered the world of electronics. However, I was soon seduced by Vehicle Recovery and spent nearly all my working life in that industry, founding both the National Rescue group and the MTS group along the way.

Even by my own admission I have made a 'name' for myself in several different areas including vehicle and aircraft recovery, charity, journalism and both boat and vehicle tracking. I am lucky to have worked with some incredible people on, some seriously mind boggling projects, some of which changed the vehicle recover industry forever. I would love to tell you about it, and so if you have the time, please click on 'About' above.

Today I have more or less retired, but being a guy who gets bored easily I have become involved with the Recovery Industry Charity RISC UK and was recently made Chairman. We try and help VRO's in trouble and spend a lot of time lobbying government for changes to safety. I have also continued my thirty plus year connection with the Brooklands Museum, still undertaking aircraft and other difficult recoveries on their behalf (even though climbing up on the back of my AEC mobile crane is becoming harder each year!)

So what is of interest on this website?

Along with the 'About' link above you will see ones for 'Media Links' and 'Services' The Media Link one will take you to and explain my several playlists containing 800 plus fascinating Videos that I have put on-line. Subjects include Brooklands, Motor Racing, Vehicle Recovery, Aviation and Travel, all divided in to playlists.

The Services link takes you to to a page detailing many of the websites I have created for your enjoyment. It also explains in more detail, three of the Business Consultancy Service I can offer people, usually for free. The first is a full Video and Photographic service for that special event or promotional project like filming your ‘Works’, your ‘Vehicles’ or your ‘Home’. The second service is a specialist Boat and Vehicle Tracking facility that I still operate in my semi retirement at very attractive prices! If either service is of interest please have a look at that page. I also make mention of the Consultancy Work I can be made available for to keep my pension topped up.

The last section is my Scrapbook which contains some of the press cuttings I have kept from over the years, to start with it shows some of the RTA’s I have dealt with (an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) is what the youngsters call an RTC these days). It then goes on to show a little of the MTS days, a few obituaries and more recently work on Safety and scattered throughout are the odd aircraft recovery story.

How I may be of service to you (Click 'Services' above to find out more)

Experienced Consultant
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Project Planning

Promotional / Media
Aerial Videography