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When I was a recovery operator I always tried to film the more interesting recoveries, regrettable most of the time I was too busy actually doing the recovery to worry about the filming, but on occasions (usually when there was someone just watching) I would find someone to point the camera. This was especially true with the recovery of most of Brooklands Museum’s Major Exhibits, which over the years I have been involved with. Since I retired I have also managed to film many Brooklands ‘special events’ often behind the scenes and from a position most people cannot get. Also amongst the videos you will find things I have recorded on my travels around the world. To make it simpler to navigate I have divided them into ‘Playlists’ and listed most of them below.

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Brooklands Modern

This playlists is made up of recent videos (since 2000) I have made around Brooklands. These include Aircraft Recoveries, the transportation of the Vimy, behind the scenes at some of the Museums weekend events like the Double Twelve and New Year motoring events. Inside the famous Barnes Wallis Stratosphere Chamber. Moving the Brooklands Concorde. Aviation fly-ins and much more.

Brooklands Older

This playlist contains miscellanies videos that are associated with Brooklands that I made when MD of National Rescue from around 1983 up to 1999. These includes the Recovery of many of the Museum's current Aircraft, early site clearance videos showing parts of Brooklands long gone and there is some rare footage of early fly-ins. It also includes some of the fund raising trips , with some live Viscount Cockpit footage.

Recoveries Pre 2000

These are older videos from my years at National Rescue. This is not quality videoing, more often than not, I was working under pressure so videoing became secondary to the job. It shows accidents on (or off) the A3, M3 and M25 and how we dealt with them. You can also see some of our aircraft recoveries we carried out pre 2000. Anyone in recovery today, may wonder how we lived through it, without the help of H&S (I know I do!)

Recoveries After 2000

This playlist shows some of the Aircraft and Vehicle Recoveries, or Movements I have filmed after 2000. It includes the recovery of the Vimy replica from MBW into the Museum and some of the work we have done in the Stratosphere Chamber. It also shows you when I was the guest of the REMA at Bordon and takes a look at my ex London transport AEC MK1 Militant Recovery Vehicle.

Emergency Services Event

Brooklands Museum Emergency Services 'Mayday' events, are held each year on the May Day Monday (Bank Holiday) and attracts Emergency Vehicles from all sectors and services, including Fire Brigades, Police Forces, Ambulance Services, Recovery Services and The Military. Here you can see many staged incidents often from a better position or closer than the public can get.

Aerial Photography

A collection of Aerial Videos that I have made with a Quad-copter (or drone). Most are at Brooklands Museum, but there are also videos of important buildings both in the UK and abroad, plus various landscape views. The collection is growing so check back often and if you want to talk to me about your own project please do.

All My Aviation Related

All my Aviation videos (old and new) in the one playlist that deals with a few of the many aircraft recoveries I have been involved with and other aviation related items. Aircraft included are Vickers Valiant, Vanguard, Varsity, VC10, Viking Vimy and Viscount. Also present is rare footage of the Brooklands Sopwith Camel actually flying, plus the recovery and later relocating of the Brooklands Concorde G-BBDG (and its little sister G-CONC).

Pot Luck !

This link will take you to a playlist of all my videos in the order they were posted. In other words depending on where you set the filter, you can see my latest video, or the first one I posted and then work down / up the list. Please remember however this is the date they were posted not necessarily the date they were filmed.

Personal Videos

These videos are mainly for family and friends, but if you are interested in seeing the world, or have a sense of humour you may find some entertaining. We have visited some interesting place, like the Californian Highway Patrol 10 4 event in Hollywood, or the Mash 4077 Camp film. Plus touring New Zealand Africa and the USA